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Good etiquette of citizen


Taiwan's society gained sufficient competency from its experience with SARS. The people are good-natured and willing to help each other. Most people already understand the importance of wearing face masks and washing their hands, and actively cooperate with government policies and measures, which significantly improved the effectiveness of policies.

Taiwan expects the worst and stringently prepares for it when it comes to epidemic prevention, pragmatically facing challenges of the outbreak. Aside from considerations for epidemic prevention, the government is even more concerned about reducing the impact of the outbreak on the human aspects of Taiwan's democratic society.

The government continued to raise awareness of epidemic prevention during the containment period, so that people will better comply with the epidemic prevention policy:

I. Helping citizens protect their own health:

Taiwan prepares clear, easy-to-understand, accurate epidemic prevention information for different groups of people in different regions.

II. Citizens can exercise at home for epidemic prevention:

(I) The government teaches the elderly how to use their TV for video conferencing, as well as how to use the Home Technology Interactive Platform, so that they can exercise at home and receive health information and epidemic prevention information.
(II) The community bulletin board function provides information on local contract pharmacies in 7 counties/cities, as well as the remaining stock of face masks. Users only need to use their remote control at home to obtain information on remaining face masks available in their surrounding area.

What to do for recreations?

III. Citizens started the “I’m okay, you go first” activity, showing courtesy when buying face masks:

When the outbreak first began and manufacturers were still ramping up production capacity, citizens started the “I’m okay, you go first” activity online, leaving face masks for people who need them the most.

IV. New lifestyle for epidemic prevention:

The government encourages citizens to develop good personal hygiene habits, such as washing hands, and maintaining social distance of 1.5 meters indoors and 1 meter outdoors, so that society and the economy can gradually return to normal.

The step you take back is the best joint defense

  • Created:2020-06-05
  • Last Updated:2023-04-10
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