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Open and transparent information


I. Employing multiple media channels to timely announce information to keep the public informed

(I) The CECC hosts a daily press conference and publishes at least one press release every day to establish a transparent, immediate, and professional platform for communication with the media and the public.
(II) These daily press conferences have been live-streamed since January 22, 2020, and a sign language interpreter joined the press conferences on January 27 to ensure the rights of people with hearing impairments.
(III) Data on the outbreak situation and disease survey results are provided on the official Line and Facebook accounts. Any new policies or clarifications of false information are immediately announced through these channels.
(IV) The capacity of the "1922 Communicable Disease Reporting and Consultation hotline” has been increased. An incoming call divergence mechanism has also been implemented to ensure that members of the public who call will receive a response to their inquiries.
(V) The CECC designed health education materials and provided the materials through various channels to promote self-protection measures.
(VI) The CECC provided promotional materials and videos in different languages for different groups of people, such as migrant workers and foreign nationals.


The Central Epidemic Command Center holds daily press conferences.

Minister of Health and Welfare Chen Shih-Chung holds a COVID-19 press conference every day.

The Central Epidemic Command Center announces the number of COVID-19 cases every day.